Welcome to my RV cooking blog.  My husband and I currently live and travel in our 40 foot motorhome.  I have always enjoyed cooking but, like many, suffered from the time constraints of full-time employment.   Now I am a Nomad with the time to develop my passion.  36513_10200400767319745_1186945477_nInitially I was hesitant, believing I would still be limited because of my RV lifestyle.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Over the past few years I have conquered many obstacles and limitations of a motorhome galley.  As an added plus, I developed some new outside cooking and grilling skills.   Now, I dive head first into complex recipes as well as bake beautiful breads, cakes and cookies.  We may be on the road, but good ‘home-cooking’ with fresh ingredients still goes on the table.

I will post recipes that I have prepared.  I’m not a professional chef, so I will always try my best to give credit to the original source of a recipe and let you know what alterations I may have made. Yes, I know there are MANY other blogs, Facebook Groups and Pinterest posts related to RV cooking out there.  Most of them emphasize simple, quick, and easy with combinations of prepared, canned foods .  I prefer to choose recipes that combine fresh ingredients to create a delicious culinary meal.

With the right appliances, tools and accessories ANY recipe can be prepared while on the road. A complete traditional Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings is very do-able.  Batches of Christmas Cookies and treats for gifts?  No problem!

As I post about recipes, tools, or kitchen organization, feel free to join in with (non-spam, non soliciting) comments and share your thoughts and ideas with other readers!  I for one know there is much I have yet to discover.  Living on the road is an ever changing, life learning adventure.  That’s what makes it so much fun!

Finally, please support my RV Cooking Store. There you will find all the tools and accessories I have found to make my RV kitchen life easier.   Your support will ensure the continuation of the blog!