Lodge Grill / Griddle continued

As promised I will continue to brag about the Lodge LPGI3 Cast-Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle, 20-inch x 10.44-inch and demonstrate why I love it so much. As I said yesterday, it is easy to store and is always ready for use. Last night I had a nice lean ham steak to cook for dinner. In the back of the fridge was some leftover fresh pineapple that I had purchased for a different recipe. Why not? I heated up the grill, FLAT side up this time.

While the grill was preheating, I added just a very thin coat of Crisco. The grill does come pre-seasoned right out of the box and that very thin coat of shortening before and after cooking has turned my grill into a virtual non-stick miracle. Remember, I said VERY THIN coat; you want to season the grill and not fry the food.

Grilled Hamsteak & Pineapple

Grilled Ham Steak & Pineapple

I sprinkled a smidge of Ground Cloves on each side of the ham steak and placed it on one side of the grill positioning it directly over a burner.

I popped the Pineapple Chunks on the other side and let them brown, turning occasionally while the ham steak cooked.

I had a leftover Red Rice and Okra dish in the freezer that I heated as a side and we had a delicious dinner.

Dinner finished, it’s time to clean up. We ate on paper plates, so only a few pieces of silverware. Not all the Red Rice was eaten, so that went back into the fridge for lunch the next day. All that was left was to clean up was the grill, wash the utensils and put the stove-top covers back in place.

Cleaning the grill (especially the flat side) is quick and easy. I simple place HOT tap water on the grill and rub with the Lodge Brush.  Notice in the photo how the water bubbles up indicating a non-stick surface.

Clean up is a breeze

Clean up is a breeze

You can use a non-abrasive sponge too. I usually use both; the brush to clean and then the sponge to absorb the water.

Very Light Coat of Shortening

Very Light Coat of Shortening

I dry it with a paper towel and then add a VERY VERY thin coat of Crisco.

(Note: In a previous post I shared with you using your pastry mat to catch crumbs, etc. from falling through the cracks of your stove-top cover. I STILL do that. It fits over the grill and keeps crumbs, drips, etc. from accumulating on the grill surface. You don’t want liquid to find its way on the grill causing it to rust).

If I haven’t convinced you yet that this is a MUST HAVE, stay tuned for BREAKFAST. Eggs over easy and Sausage. If you are convinced, then just click the link below and order yours today.



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